For manufacturers, trust is the missing component

In today’s manufacturing space, 86% of B2B buyers see no real difference between sellers.

The reason for this lies in the inability for sales professionals to exist “beyond their product”. This is the exact reason that less than 33% of sales people are viewed as trustworthy, so it’s no mystery as to why over 72% of sales calls end in a “No” or “No Decision”.


“In today’s virtual selling world, it’s critical to shift our thinking and our ability to be effective with our customers. The Braintrust program is creative, insightful, and helped our team not just learn something new about selling virtually, but actually put new skills directly into practice immediately afterward.”
Lien R
Senior Director, Contracts and Training & Development
Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.
“Having the NeuroSelling® approach has been definitely the right approach and I am sure that this new methodology will become more and more the foundation for the sales material we produce, but even more importantly, get into the “brains” of our employees and Dealer Sales professionals, so they become more successful in growing the business and especially market share.”
Georg L
Manager, Europe, CIS, North Africa Near & Middle East Sales
International Manufacturer


Less Features. More Feel.

When you think about any one of your potential customers, how well do you believe your sales reps can articulate that customers’ specific objectives and challenges?

With the consistent increase in customer education as well as a much savvier buyer, sales professionals must be able to understand and articulate both the goals and challenges of their potential clients along with creating trust within the first few minutes.

Unfortunately, most sales reps only understand the problems their products solve, not the understanding of what the customers themselves really deal with on a day-to-day basis.

The good news?
That's where we come in.

At Braintrust we pride ourselves on being able to work inside any manufacturing or industrial company, regardless of how niche. From Fortune 100 companies that sell big green tractors, industrial components, and custom flavoring and fragrance, to midmarket pet food or scanning equipment; we understand how to help sales professionals communicate with the right message, at the right time, in the right order. We even offer a guarantee on our work.

Braintrust’s NeuroSelling Methodology and program is built upon the cutting-edge research of our Neuroscience partners and PhD’s; to train sales organizations how to communicate with more purpose, power and impact. The discoveries over the last couple of years have proven that the science behind decision making is just that…it’s science. If you can establish trust and move the conversation along both an empathetic and analytical path, then the customer wins and so will your teams.

Our Sales Enablement Programs For Manufacturers

It's about moving from 'Selling' to Serving-by-Solving

Phase 1: NeuroMessaging
Get Inside The Mind Of Your Customer
Nothing is more important than getting the message right. This session brings your key stakeholders together to learn the Braintrust methodology and then roll up your sleeves to create all the necessary insights based narratives that will help drive the organizational storytelling from marketing & prospecting to the customer conversation with the sales team.

Phase 2: NeuroSelling
Master The Customer Conversation
In an exclusive and intimate group setting, you will get hands-on training and coaching from the Braintrust experts. Over the course of the training, you will learn how the power of neuroscience and visual storytelling techniques can completely change your selling approach and drastically improve your customer relationships (and sales results!)

Phase 3: NeuroCoaching
Repetition and Reinforcement Drives Long Term Results
A program, process or methodology is only as good as the team’s ability to execute. In order to do that, people need good coaching. In this program, you will learn a coaching process that mirrors the “neuroscience” approach used in the customer conversation. Your coaches will get hands-on training and coaching themselves from the Braintrust experts. You will learn how the power of neuroscience and visual storytelling techniques can completely change how to give feedback, do 1:1 sessions (including ride alongs) and become a more motivational leader to your team

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