The Art of Connection

Dr. Alex Lyon

Dr. Alex Lyon, a professor of communication and YouTube sensation, discusses the importance of positive communication for leaders. He emphasizes the power of greetings in setting the tone for conversations and the impact of disclosure in building relationships. Dr. Lyon also addresses the challenges of managing relationships in the digital age and offers advice for younger generations. Overall, his philosophy centers around the idea that communication is a skill set that can be learned and applied to enhance personal and professional relationships.


  • Dr Lyon’s 600,000 subscriber YouTube channel
  • First impressions really do set the tone
  • Increased impact is an outcome of great communication 
  • Focus on the person or group in front of you – be distraction proof in your conversations
  • Honing your ability to focus will provide the highest payback



  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 01:31 Dr. Alex Lyon’s Origin Story
  • 08:19 The Philosophy of Communication
  • 11:29 Are You a Good Communicator?
  • 14:26 Positive Communication for Leaders
  • 16:28 The Importance of Greetings
  • 18:01 The Power of Disclosure
  • 25:04 Managing Relationships in the Digital Age
  • 30:49 Advice for Younger Generations
  • 34:30 Where to Learn More


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