Sages on Stages Part 2

100th Episode

In this episode, Andy Andrews, Bob Beaudine, and Jimmy Yeary join the Driving Change podcast to celebrate its 100th episode. These industry titans are three of the most influential men in Business, Sports, and Music in America today.  They provided so much wisdom we’ve dubbed this episode Sages On Stages and have had to break it into a part 1 and a part 2.  In part 2 of the conversation, Jimmy begins with his advice about how he manages and guards his creativity so that he can be at his best when writing or presenting.  All three talk about their approach to keynote speaking and the importance of authenticity and preparation in delivering impactful speeches. The conversation explores the difference between amateurs and professionals, emphasizing the importance of practice and preparation. They discuss the power of preparation and how it leads to unconscious competence. They also highlight the value of knowing and caring for others, as well as the secret to success: intentional practice and discipline. The conversation concludes with a focus on helping the younger generation navigate the noise and the importance of conversations and connection.


  • Obsessive preparation turns skills and gifts into unconscious competence.
  • Knowing and caring for others is crucial in personal and professional relationships.
  • Success requires intentional practice, discipline, and a process-oriented approach.
  • The younger generation needs guidance in navigating the noise and distractions of the modern world.
  • Conversations and connections are essential for building relationships and understanding.


00:00 The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals

02:09 The Importance of Practice and Preparation

04:37 The Power of Obsessive Preparation

05:27 The Value of Knowing and Caring for Others

11:13 The Secret to Success: Intentional Practice and Discipline

15:02 Helping the Younger Generation Navigate the Noise

18:21 The Importance of Conversations and Connection






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