Instinctive Actions Vs Thoughtful Reactions

Ron Glickman

Dr. Ron Glickman is a seasoned business executive with a proven track record for developing high potential talent and motivating culturally diverse teams to deliver breakthrough results. Throughout his 30+ year career, a dual focus on “performing while transforming” has been the cornerstone of his change leadership philosophy and the basis for his new book “Lead for a Change”. Ron is currently the CIO at Trader Joe’s Company. He is also Adjunct Professor at Cal State LA, where his research focusses on considerations for connecting personal growth and leadership development.

With over thirty years’ experience as a senior executive, Dr. Ronald S. Glickman shares practical techniques to execute effective change initiatives, develop high-potential talent, and motivate teams to deliver breakthrough results on a global scale. A timely and important book for leaders at any stage in their career journey, Lead for a Change explains why the goal of change management is not happiness, but meeting and exceeding clear expectations. Well-defined expectations align diverse stakeholders on measurements for future performance and establish a foundation for individual and group accountability.

In this episode, Ron discusses the importance of change and how it can be used both professionally and personally.

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