Rock & Roll Resilience: The Beat of Success

Sandy Gennaro

Sandy Gennaro, a world-traveling, award winning, rock and roll drummer, shares his origin story and the lessons he has learned over his lifetime in the music business. Sandy emphasizes the power of visualization and belief in achieving success. 

He also introduces the BEATS principles: Belief, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Tenacity, and Service. Sandy’s journey to success is a testament to the importance of perseverance and surrounding oneself with supportive mentors. He emphasizes the importance of living a life of service and treating everyone the same. The conversation comes to a close as he talks about his passion for speaking and teaching, using his experiences as a drummer to entertain and inspire audiences.


  • Visualization and belief are powerful tools for achieving success.
  • The BEATS principles (Belief, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Tenacity, and Service) can guide individuals in their personal and professional lives.
  • Surrounding oneself with supportive mentors and building relationships is crucial for success.
  • Overcoming obstacles and maintaining a positive attitude are key to beating the odds. The universe puts certain things in our path to benefit us.
  • Every little engagement can turn into something significant.
  • Living a life of service and treating everyone the same is important.
  • Learning from mistakes and making asks while offering help can lead to opportunities.


  • 00:00 Origin Story
  • 02:23 Introduction to Sandy Gennaro
  • 03:22 Sandy’s Learnings from the Music Business
  • 08:19 Visualization and Belief
  • 11:18 The Power of Visualization
  • 14:17 Beating the Odds
  • 16:02 The BEATS Principles
  • 20:57 The Power of the Universe
  • 21:24 The Universe at Work
  • 21:54 The Universe Engineering Opportunities
  • 22:22 Connections and Synchronicity
  • 23:12 Learning from Mistakes
  • 23:42 The Battle of the Two Wolves
  • 24:09 Rising Above Negativity
  • 25:06 The Biggest Break of His Life
  • 25:30 First Big Gig
  • 26:27 The Power of Small Engagements
  • 26:57 The Impact of a Five-Minute Encounter
  • 27:27 The Value of an Autograph
  • 28:22 Meeting Cyndi Lauper
  • 29:15 Finding Love
  • 29:44 The Power of Relationships
  • 30:28 The Impact of Little Engagements
  • 31:25 Living a Life of Service
  • 31:55 Learning from Mistakes
  • 32:22 Making Asks and Offering Help
  • 33:00 The Courage to Ask for Help
  • 33:27 Going the Extra Mile
  • 34:35 Treating Everyone the Same
  • 35:12 The Drummer’s Role
  • 36:10 The Impact of Little Engagements
  • 37:03 Speaking Engagements and Entertainment
  • 39:29 Passion for Speaking and Teaching
  • 42:25 Book and Website

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