A Broadway Star's Path to Masterful Connection

Renee Marino

In this electrifying episode of the Driving Change podcast, your host, Jeff Bloomfield, welcomes the multitalented Renee Marino. She is known for her vibrant roles on Broadway and her work with Clint Eastwood on the movie version of Jersey Boys. Renée is also a lauded communication coach and best-selling author of “Becoming a Master Communicator: Balancing New School Technology with Old School Simplicity.”  Named as one of the top 10 communication coaches by Yahoo Finance, Renée now helps business professionals elevate their communication skills. This episode dives into her unique perspective on communication and her exciting journey from the Broadway stage to becoming a communication guru.

Tune in to hear Renee’s riveting life story – a blend of Italian family upbringing, intense Broadway dreams, and a once-in-a-lifetime Hollywood opportunity that would not have been possible without her ability to speak up and communicate her desires. Discover how her childhood experiences, encounters with luminaries like Clint Eastwood and Tony Robbins, and her constant hunger for connection laid the groundwork for her career as a communication expert. This episode is not just a conversation; it’s an exploration of how internal dialogue affects external communication and the profound impact mastering communication can have on personal and professional life. Listen now for a healthy dose of inspiration and tips to become a master communicator yourself!


You can connect with and follow Renée through her website and these social links:

You can sign up for Renée’s Connecting on Camera course at the link below:  www.ConnectingonCamera.com

And Purchase her best-selling book: Becoming a Master Communicator: Balancing New School Technology with Ol School Simplicity

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