A Musical Journey of Perseverance and Purpose

Kevin Williams

On this episode of the Driving Change Podcast, host Jeff Bloomfield engages in a captivating conversation with Kevin Williams, the renowned guitarist and band leader for the Gaither Homecoming and Gaither Vocal Band. Kevin shares the story of his journey from a small town in Kentucky to the vibrant music scene in Nashville. He recounts the pivotal moment at the age of 16 when he drove to Nashville and experienced a recording session, igniting his passion for music and the desire to become a session player. Kevin’s path was not without doubts and challenges, but he persevered, honed his skills, and eventually landed the opportunity to work with the Gaithers, which has become a 30-year partnership. Along the way, he draws inspiration from influential figures like Zig Ziglar, who left a lasting impact on his life and mindset. Kevin’s dedication to his craft and his ability to overcome doubts are testaments to his success as a musician and communicator. 

The conversation concludes with a discussion about Kevin’s charitable work with Kevin’s Kids, a grassroots initiative focused on providing essential support and mentoring to underprivileged children in Kentucky.  The program has made a significant impact by addressing their basic needs and instilling positive values.  (https://www.kevinwilliamsmusic.com/home

Kevin is also involvement as a teacher on Andy Andrews Life Skills Project at Wisdom Harbor, a platform dedicated to personal development. (https://andyandrews.com/life-skills/)

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