Discovering What Drives Us

Kevin Miller

On this episode of the  “Driving Change Podcast,” host Jeff Bloomfield engages in a deep conversation with Kevin Miller, the host of the “Self Helpful” podcast (formerly the Ziglar Show) and the author behind the book, “What Drives You.” Kevin’s passion shines through as he mentions, “The show is called self helpful and it’s a journey of me trying to help myself figure this stuff out.” But Kevin’s mission isn’t insular. It’s an invitation: he’s determined to embark on this quest alongside his podcast guests and readers. Their collaborative exploration aims to understand the motivations that drive each individual. You will love this episode, the insights that Kevin provides, and the thoughtfulness of his answers to probing questions that Jeff presents throughout the conversation.

You can find out more about Kevin on his personal webpage (yes that is .co not .com)

His Book: What Drives You, can be purchased on Amazon at the link below:

Kevin Miller: What Drives You on Amazon

And Here is a link to the Self-Helpful Podcast.

Podchaser - The Braintrust "Driving Change" Podcast

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