Legacy and Lessons

Kelly Lytle

On this episode of the Driving Change Podcast, Jeff dives into the depths of family legacy, dreams, and the cost of pursuing them with author Kelly Lytle. His book, “To Dad from Kelly,” is an intimate memoir detailing his relationship with his father, a professional football player who paid the ultimate price for his dream. Kelly delves into the profound lessons learned from his father and how he wrestles with the lingering questions left unasked and unanswered following his sudden death at 56. Beyond his book, Kelly is working on serialized stories available on his sub stack newsletter, blending nostalgia, reflections, sports passion, and the fleeting nature of childhood memories. Jeff compares Kelly’s unique storytelling style to a fusion of Ernest Hemingway and Nicholas Sparks, hinting at an even more promising future for this talented author. 

You will find Kelly’s Substack at the link below:

Kelly Lytle – The Stories We Tell

You can get a copy of “To Dad from Kelly” here:

To Dad From Kelly on Amazon

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