Do More By Working Less

Jason Henkel

Jason Henkel is a personal and organizational productivity expert known for his highly practical brain-based approach to multiplying meaningful output in the same number of hours worked both in work and personal life.  When asked what he does, his default answer is: “I deliver calm, deliberate and authentic productivity”.   He has been called by US Navy SEALS Commander Mark McGinnis ‘The Productivity Whisperer’ and personally advises that he has the answer to finally ending the reign of the email monster that has scorched the earth for long enough.  Having trained executive leadership teams and organizations around the world, he’s most interested in helping people thrive in their highest priorities while finding and permanently maintaining the feeling of balance throughout the journey.

In this episode, Jason Henkel, explains the process of optimizing your current schedule so you can have more time doing what you want to do all the while feeling better and not exhausted all of the time.

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