Finding Freedom Beyond the Wild

Todd Pierce

In this compelling episode of the Driving Change Podcast, Todd Pierce, a professional horse trainer and horse whisperer, reveals his transformative journey from a small town in Idaho to finding true freedom through his unique bond with horses. Todd and Jeff Bloomfield delve into the parallels between wild horses and human potential, emphasizing the power of surrender and connection to a higher purpose. Hear about Todd’s life-changing experiences at Born Wild events, including a moving story of hope and redemption in a prison yard. Tune in to explore the importance of community, vulnerability, and living a life of purpose. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation that underscores the impact of authentic relationships and aligning with God’s design.


  • True freedom and purpose can be found by connecting with a higher power and submitting to a higher purpose.
  • Horses can serve as powerful teachers and vehicles for spiritual connection and growth.
  • Loneliness and isolation can be overcome by building connections and sharing burdens.
  • Like wild horses, humans have a natural desire for freedom, but true freedom comes from being connected to a higher power and living in alignment with our true purpose. Living in community and being vulnerable with others is essential for personal growth and spiritual development.
  • Surrendering to God’s authority leads to true freedom and fulfillment.
  • The Born Wild events, including prison ministry, provide opportunities for individuals to experience God’s love and find hope and redemption.
  • Authentic relationships and living in alignment with God’s design are key to living a purposeful life.


00:00 Introduction and Unpacking Todd’s Story

02:29 Todd’s Childhood and Connection with Animals

06:21 Rebellious Years and Encounter with the Gospel

10:09 Discovering the Connection Between Horses and Spirituality

16:01 The Wild Horse Analogy and Misconceptions of Freedom

23:24 The Tendency to Run Away and the Importance of Community

26:27 Reflecting on the Ticks in Our Lives

27:13 Living in Community and Surrendering to God’s Authority

28;04 The Power of Vulnerability and Authentic Relationships

36:43 Finding Hope and Redemption through Born Wild Events

43:38 Living a Purposeful Life in Alignment with God’s Design

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