Embracing Crisis with Wisdom and Resilience

Thomas Lahnthaler

Thomas Lahnthaler, an expert in crisis management, shares his experiences and insights in this episode. He discusses his background in humanitarian crisis work and the challenges faced by crisis workers. Thomas emphasizes the importance of addressing trauma and mental health in the field. He also talks about his book ‘Navigating Beyond Crisis’ and how crisis management principles can be applied in various contexts, including the boardroom. Thomas highlights the value of divergent thinking and the need to work with emotions in crisis situations. Overall, this conversation provides valuable insights into crisis management and its broader applications.


  • Crisis management is not limited to major disasters but also applies to everyday challenges in our personal and professional lives.
  • Addressing trauma and mental health is crucial for crisis workers and should be a priority in the field.
  • Crisis management principles can be applied in various contexts, including the boardroom, to navigate change and uncertainty.
  • Divergent thinking and working with emotions are essential skills in crisis management and can lead to innovative solutions.


00:00 – Introduction to Thomas Lahnthaler and Crisis Management

02:20 – Thomas Lahnthaler’s Background and Career in Crisis Management

06:18 – Experiences in Humanitarian Crisis Work

09:18 – Dealing with Trauma and PTSD as a Humanitarian Crisis Worker

15:11 – Writing the Book ‘Navigating Beyond Crisis’

18:45 – Applying Crisis Management Principles in the Boardroom

23:48 – The Importance of Divergent Thinking in Crisis Management

28:37 – The Role of Emotions and Ideation in Crisis Management


How to reach Thomas for follow up:

Website: https://www.lahnthaler.com/

Book: https://www.lahnthaler.com/book

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomaslahnthaler/

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