Echoes of the Airwaves

Gary Scott Thomas

In this episode, host Jeff Bloomfield interviews Gary Scott Thomas, an award-winning DJ and podcast host. They discuss Gary’s background in radio, his transition from rock and roll to country radio, and the power of emotional contagion and authenticity in connecting with listeners. They also explore the importance of curiosity and asking provocative questions, as well as Gary’s transition to streaming and podcasting. Overall, the conversation highlights the impact and responsibility of radio personalities and the evolving landscape of media. The conversation explores the challenges and advantages of tracking listenership in the streaming world compared to traditional radio. It also highlights the importance of adapting to the digital age and embracing technology. Gary gives us some insight into some of the great personalities he’s worked with over the years which included mega star Garth Brooks.


  • Curiosity and genuine interest in others can lead to meaningful connections and surprising stories.
  • Authenticity and emotional contagion are powerful tools for radio personalities to connect with listeners.
  • Asking provocative questions can lead to deeper conversations and insights.
  • Streaming and podcasting offer new opportunities for radio personalities to reach and engage with audiences. Tracking listenership is easier in the streaming world due to the availability of metrics and data.
  • Digital platforms allow for more precise tracking of leads and engagement.
  • Adapting to the digital age is crucial for success in the modern media landscape.
  • Embracing technology can lead to new opportunities and wider reach.
  • Promoting streaming stations and podcasts requires utilizing various online platforms.
  • Collaboration and learning from others in the industry can drive positive change.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 04:33 Gary Scott Thomas’ Early Life and Career in Radio
  • 11:04 Transitioning from Rock and Roll to Country Radio
  • 19:07 The Power of Emotional Contagion and Authenticity
  • 23:09 The Responsibility and Influence of Radio Personalities
  • 28:35 The Importance of Curiosity and Asking Provocative Questions
  • 35:19 Transitioning to Streaming and Podcasting
  • 39:38 Streaming vs Podcasting
  • 42:41 Tracking Listenership in the Streaming World
  • 44:17 Adapting to the Digital Age
  • 44:26 Embracing Technology
  • 44:51 Promoting Streaming Station and Podcast
  • 45:22 Continued Collaboration


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