From 98° to Label-less: Our Next Act!

Drew & Lea Lachey

On this Special Edition episode of the **Driving Change Podcast**, Jeff had a lively catch-up conversation with Entertainment Power couple, Lea and Drew Lachey. This time, the spotlight wasn’t just on their theatrical venture “Label-less”, but on what is brewing next for them.

Their passion is evident as they dive into their future plans. “With ‘Label-less,’ we’ve started a spark,” Drew said. “Now it’s time to fan the flames,” Lea added, sharing their aspirations to take the project global or adapt it into different formats.  They discuss new show dates for an Eastern US tour of the show, with additional dates still being booked and a desire also to take it to theaters in the Western US.  You’ll get more information on that at the website link below.

The chat takes an amusing turn when Jeff broaches Drew’s “98°” tour. The Band is getting back together for a quick tour.  Drew fills us in on where, when, and some of the what.  Along with their original hits, they are adding some new material and some great covers as well.  Lea, of course, is staging and choreographing the show.  Drew chuckled at a reference Jeff made about the “early years”, and commented, “Those were the days! But now? After a show, instead of partying, I’m on chore duty!” With Lea playfully jabbing, “Oh, how the mighty boy band star has matured!”  Tune in to hear the rest of the back-and-forth banter.

You will love this follow-up Special Edition with Lea and Drew because you get to hear more about the duo’s vision and commitment to “driving change” through art. It was evident that for them their journey with “Label-less” and all their creative endeavors was far from over; in fact, it had only just begun.

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Tour Dates and Cities

  • 10/21 Wichita, KS
  • 10/24 Springfield MO
  • 10/28 Cincinnati, OH
  • 10/30 Asheville, NC
  • 11/03 Columbus, OH
  • 11/17 Pittsburg, PA
  • 11/20 New York, NY

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