Building Your Legacy

Dr. Nate Hearne

Dr. Nathanial Hearne, epitomizes what “up by the bootstraps” stands for.  An educator, motivator, mentor, executive, Pastor, trainer…and  ultimately… the man who has led countless individuals to excel far past  their expectations and even their dreams. He was instrumental in  combining education with athletics much to the chagrin of some coaches while  earning him the love and respect of those he molded into men.  

Dr. Hearne played an important part in the lives of those football players and  coaches who the film, “Friday Night Lights” was all about. As  Assistant Coach he instilled a love of honor and sportsmanship in every team  member as he led them in strength and stamina conditioning. The Permian  High School team became National Football Champions in 1989 and State  Champs in 1991. 

In this episode, Dr. Hearne talks about the challenges and obstacles he encountered with creating his legacy and helping others do the same.

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