The Power of Internal Dialogues and Emotion in Decision-Making

Bryan Dodge

On this episode of the Driving Change Podcast, Jeff Bloomfield talks with Bryan Dodge, a dynamic and influential speaker, author, and radio show host with over three decades of experience. Bryan has a unique ability to distill complex principles into straightforward, actionable insights. In the conversation, Bryan emphasizes the importance and power of choices in determining the course of our lives. How better questions can foster improved internal dialogues, which in turn lead to superior choices and outcomes. You’ll be intrigued by his take on the left-hand, right-hand internal dialog struggle.  

Bryan and Jeff unpack the idea that many individuals tend towards negative internal conversations, which can adversely impact their overall well-being and progression. Bryan talks about his belief that life is short, and if one is experiencing unhappiness, it is crucial to engage in introspection and make necessary changes. For Bryan, a reason rooted in inspiration leads to positive choices, while one grounded in desperation, often related to fear, can steer individuals in the wrong direction.  This lively discussion will rivet you to your seat.

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