Transforming Leadership One Question at a Time

Bob Tiede

Meet Bob Tiede, a seasoned veteran of Cru for over four decades and a passionate advocate for the power of inquiry in leadership. As the author of “Great Leaders ASK Questions” and “Now That’s a Great Question,” and co-author of “Leading with Questions” 3rd Edition, as well as the brain behind the influential blog, “Leading with Questions,” Bob has a wealth of knowledge to share. In this episode, Jeff and Bob explore the essence of effective leadership, emphasizing the indispensable role of questions. They discuss:

  • The Art of Asking: Bob shares anecdotes and insights into how the right questions can unveil hidden potentials, encourage open dialogue, and break down barriers.
  • Building a Curiosity-Driven Culture: Delving into organizational strategies, they touch upon the importance of cultivating an environment where questions are not just tolerated but encouraged, leading to a more innovative and adaptable workplace.
  • The Dynamics of Teamwork: Bob and Jeff converse about the often underestimated power of questions in building trust, clarifying expectations, and driving team cohesion.
  • Personal Growth through Inquiry: Reflecting on personal experiences, they underline the transformative power of self-questioning in personal and professional development.

Listen in to understand how we can all harness the power of questions to influence decisions, enhance teamwork, and drive organizational success.

To get free copies of Bob’s ebooks, follow his blog, as well find out how to receive a free hard copy of his “Leading with Questions” 3rd Edition, follow the links below:

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