Awakening Through Faith and Action

Brian Tome

On this eye-opening episode of the Driving Change podcast, Brian Tome, founder and Senior Pastor of Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, tackles the pressing challenges faced by men in today’s culture. In a candid conversation with Jeff Bloomfield, Brian explores the need for a more masculine approach to spirituality, addressing issues like toxic masculinity, the loneliness epidemic, and the scarcity of male representation in modern churches. Discover Brian’s personal journey, the inception of Man Camp, and the crucial role of camaraderie and teamwork among men. This episode dives into the difficulties men encounter in traditional church settings, the transformative concept of Man Camp, and the urgent need for a spiritual awakening. Learn about the power of leadership, organization, prayer, and action in fostering a profound change. Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion on the importance of a masculine spiritual path and the impact it can have on men’s lives.


  • The modern church lacks a masculine approach to spirituality, leading to a lack of male representation and engagement.
  • The loneliness epidemic among men is a significant issue that needs to be addressed, highlighting the need for camaraderie and teamwork.
  • The concept of toxic masculinity and the challenges faced by men in today’s culture are important topics that require open and honest discussion. Traditional church settings may not always resonate with men, leading to the need for alternative approaches like man camp.
  • A spiritual awakening is seen as necessary in the current cultural climate, and it requires a focus on prayer and organizational leadership.
  • The concept of being a post-resurrection leader involves maturity, humility, and a reliance on the Holy Spirit for transformation and impact.
  • The importance of organized leadership and the role of prayer in fostering a spiritual awakening are key themes in the conversation.



00:00 Introduction and Background of Brian Tome

06:49 The Concept of Toxic Masculinity and Men’s Issues

13:57 The Role of Spirituality in Masculinity and Men’s Loneliness Epidemic

27:41 Navigating the Challenges of Traditional Church Settings

34.08 The Call for a Spiritual Awakening and the Role of Leadership


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