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In today’s episode of the Driving Change podcast, Jeff features a compilation of interviews with change management experts from our past podcasts. You’ll hear Dr. Richard Boyatzis, Dr. BJ Fogg, Dr. Angus Fletcher, and Dr. Caroline Leaf. The conversations cover topics from motivation and engagement in the workplace, the neuroscience of change and coaching, creating lasting change through tiny habits, the power of storytelling and optimism, to mind management and overcoming limiting beliefs.  Jeff and our guests discuss the process of identifying and changing patterns of behavior and thought.  As we move into 2024, there is no better way to cap off your year than listening to these experts.


  • Motivation and engagement are crucial in the workplace, and leaders should focus on creating a positive and engaging environment for their employees.
  • Understanding the neuroscience of change can help leaders effectively coach and communicate with their teams, leading to successful change initiatives.
  • Creating lasting change often starts with small habits and incremental steps rather than trying to make big changes all at once.
  • Storytelling and optimism play a significant role in shaping our beliefs and mindset and can be powerful tools for personal and professional growth.
  • Mind management is essential for overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving success, and involves deconstructing negative thought patterns and reconstructing more positive and empowering ones. Deliberately and intentionally focus on communication pathologies and patterns in relationships to identify the most dominant pattern that is stopping personal growth.
  • The process of change involves tapping into the non-conscious mind, achieving automatization, and entering a flow state.


00:00 Introduction to the Driving Change podcast

01:01 Compilation of Change Management Experts

02:18 Motivation and Engagement in the Workplace

04:12 The Neuroscience of Change and Coaching

13:34 Creating Lasting Change through Tiny Habits

32:46 The Power of Storytelling and Optimism

44:26 Mind Management and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

48:11 Identifying and Unpacking Patterns

50:03 Healing and Revealing Pain

51:24 Analyzing and Reconceptualizing Patterns

52:17 Growing and Competing with Thought Trees

53:15 The Importance of Gamma Peaks

54:09 Sustaining and Growing New Patterns

56:35 Tapping into the Non-Conscious Mind

57:27 Automatization and Flow State

59:06 Reflecting on Change and Growth

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