We exist to create world-class communicators that positively impact all relationships in organizations, communities and families.

We exist to create world-class communicators that positively impact all relationships in organizations, communities, and families.

“Growth isn’t rocket science…

It’s neuroscience™.”

-Jeff Bloomfield, CEO

How Do We Do That?

By delivering training and coaching programs rooted in neuroscience and behavioral psychology that are designed to develop communication mastery that drives higher performance.

What We Actually Do...

We help organizations of all sizes accelerate revenue growth by utilizing our core programs:

  • NeuroSelling® – A customer communication training program that leverages current advances in neuroscience and behavioral psychology to influence buyers to choose your product or solution over competitors or the status quo.
  • NeuroCoaching™ – A modern approach to coaching that leverages current advances in neuroscience to help maximize each team member’s potential through a forward-looking, individualized, situational, and performance-based communication model.
  • NeuroServing™ – Leveraging the same communication principles as NeuroSelling®, your customer service team will learn how to enhance every customer interaction.
  • Velocity™ – The ONLY valuation acceleration program built on the latest in machine learning, A.I., and human decision-making science.
  • The Braintrust Academy –  A world-class interactive digital training experience.

Our Team

Jeff Bloomfield

Meet Jeff

Dan Docherty, PhD

Meet Dan

Chad Brines

Chief Revenue Officer
Meet Chad

Chet Tetta

EVP, Managing Partner
Meet Chet

Jenny Dougherty

Director, Client Experience
Meet Jenny

Matt Dentino

VP of Client Engagement
Meet Matt

Jeff Bittner

Director, Braintrust Digital
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Anthony Mussari

Digital Marketing Manager
Meet Anthony

Joe Masi

Meet Joe

Abby Docherty

Marketing Manager
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Drew Watson

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Craig Lucas

Meet Craig

Franc Godri

Managing Partner (Canada)
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Megan Gerhardt

Managing Partner
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Our Values

Family Matters Most –Long after our colleagues and clients are gone, our families will remain with us on this journey. We will focus on putting them first and treating them accordingly.

Communication With Clarity – We seek to communicate with context, clarity and simplicity and teach our clients to do the same.

Problem Solvers Rule the World – We aspire to help our teammates and our clients define, clarify and quantify problems in order to help provide the best solution.

The Platinum Rule – We will do our very best to always treat others better than they expected to be treated in any given situation.

Courageous Compassion – Compassion is empathy in action. We strive not just to understand what others are feeling but more importantly, what they need and have the courage to take action and serve them.

Intentional Initiative – We will be consistently proactive in a smart and strategic way. Internally and externally.

Contagious Creativity – We were created by the Creator to be creative. We take pride in our divergent thinking and believe that creativity breeds continuous innovation.

Deliberate Development –  You are either growing or dying. Everyone on our team is in a state of continual growth. On purpose.

Help Others Win –We will seek to do all we can to help others be the hero in their story.