“NeuroSelling® is very different. It will fundamentally change the way you think about selling and if you apply the NeuroSelling® process, it will dramatically improve your results.

Matt Riebel
Chief Sales Officer

The Headline

Leading life insurance organization embeds NeuroMessaging™, NeuroSelling®, & NeuroCoaching™ as their customer conversation model across multiple organizational channels.

The Client

They are a 100+ year old Fortune Global 2000 life insurance and retirement organization. Their organization’s growth and success has been largely attributed to an ongoing commitment to serving people and doing the right thing for their employees, distributors, and most importantly, their customers. As of December 31, 2019, they have more than 3,000 employees, annual revenues of $6 billion, and assets of $121 billion.

The Challenge

The organization was growing through people and acquisition, maneuvering through organizational structural changes, and was seeking a proven methodology to bring to their wholesalers across the US. Like many, their leadership desired a designed approach backed by Neuroscience, that would leverage

  • visual storytelling
  • pull through with coaching
  • transformative customer conversations
  • revenue acceleration across multiple divisions

They had tried other sales programs in the past but those “solutions” never stuck due to the constant change and growth they were experiencing.

Our relationship began when one of the team’s leaders read Jeff Bloomfield’s book, Story Based Selling, and contacted Braintrust about a potential partnership. From that, a multi-year partnership was formed.

The Solution

After an initial keynote presentation by Braintrust’s CEO, Jeff Bloomfield, at their National Sales Meeting, our partnership expanded to include programs developed and executed for all customer- facing teams including wholesalers, distributors, inside sales, as well as multiple other divisions within the organization.

We accomplished this by utilizing all three of the Braintrust platforms: NeuroMessaging™, NeuroSelling®, & NeuroCoaching™. To pull-through execution, Braintrust also partnered with sales leaders to implement coaching technology and video coaching sessions to aid in accountability and ROI.

The Braintrust programs have become such an integral part of the organizational DNA that they are included in all new hire training classes as the established Customer-Conversation model.

The Results

The client continues to utilize Braintrust as a strategic partner year over year. Our partnership has continued to align with the company’s mission of doing the right thing for their clients.

  • An incredible increase in revenue to the tune of millions of dollars in new policies across the life, annuity, and sales desk channels each year.
  • Continued alignment with top leadership
  • A remarkable increase in both customer retention and engagement
  • Improvement across all division in both new business acquisition and customer advocacy measures

Client Testimonial

“A few months ago I met with an EFS and shared my “My Why” and went through our tornado storyboard. I wanted to illustrate market volatility and the effects it can have on not only the client’s portfolio but also their emotions. The EFS was intrigued by the presentation and wanted to create his own storyboard to share for his client appointments. We discussed a few options but eventually landed on a story tied to airplanes and turbulence. The EFS had two client appointments and ended up closing $810K and $450K Asset Builder tickets. I have had a handful of advisors want to create their own personal storyboards for point of sale appointments. NeuroSelling® has been a tremendous tool to help deepen relationships and bring value to their business beyond product. I’m confident this will lead to more opportunities and sales going forward.”

(outside sales rep)

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