Everyone likes a good storyteller, right? As humans, we are drawn into a great narrative, and if executed correctly, great things can happen. What about in sales? Why not tell your customer a great story about someone other than yourself, in order to build trust along the sales journey?

In this episode, Jeff discusses:

  • The science behind the art and effectiveness of storytelling to help build a genuine connection and trust with your potential customer
  • The importance of having and sharing a “My Why” story
  • Using analogies, similes and metaphors to become a great communicator who helps customers solve their problems and see the world a bit differently
  • How to dig deeper into fostering relationships in your sales calls and meetings in order to have more effective customer conversations

Think about your “My Why” story for a second. Why do you do what you do? What beliefs have helped shape who you are personally and professionally? Give our fifth episode a listen to find out more and how you can apply these concepts today!